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Vintage "Swiftsure" Copper Clothes Washing Dolly British Vacuum Washer Co

Vintage "Swiftsure" Copper Clothes Washing Dolly British Vacuum Washer Co

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Early 20th Century Vintage Copper Vacuum Washing Dolly.

"The Swiftsure" was manufactured in Islington, Liverpool around the 1910 - 1920's era by The British Vacuum Washer Co.

The vacuum washer, also known as a posser or dolly, was originally mounted to a "T-shaped" wooden handle, used to mix and pound the washing in a galvanised dolly tub.

This original example is beautiful with all of it's wear and tear and patina from years of hard use.
As expected, you will find dents and general patina adding to it's lovely character.

Approximate dimensions: Diameter 23cm x Height 20cm

Please use the photos to form part of the item's description, to give you a good idea on what to expect.

A great feature piece for a rustic farmhouse style home, upcycle to a hanging lamp or a simple "old fashioned" décor piece!

We hold regular stock of reclaimed and vintage items - Please see our store for more!


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